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Proxy Log Explorer Features

Proxy Log Explorer provides users with a quick, feature rich and easy to use solution for analytics reporting depth.

  • High speed of log analysis your files, giant log files are no problem and speed is staggering
  • Multilevel, cross-linked reports. It allows you to dig as deep into your data as you need to. Simply right-click a row in any report, whether it's a page, a host, a user, a search engine or anything else and choose from a list of sub-reports available for this report item(s)
  • Runs under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • This log analyzes supports most popular proxy log file formats (more than 11)
  • Can download logs file froma FTP and HTTP servers
  • Supports large log files (larger than 4GB)
  • Log cache for downloaded log files
  • Loading log data via database (ODBC)
  • Automatically detects the log format
  • Directly read from BZIP2, GZIP, ZIP, 7z, rar, arj, xz, txz, z, taz, lzh, lha, lzma, lzma86, tbz, tbz, tgz, tpz, tar, jar, xpi, odt, ods, xlsx, xar archive without manual extracting
  • No Log Limits: analyze any number of log files
  • Export reports to HTML, CSV, TXT or MHT format, send them by e-mail, or copy item(s) to the clipboard
  • Powerful filter system for data mining
  • Easy to use GUI interface
  • Support for custom reports log format
  • Supports command line mode
  • Time zone of log file is adjustable
  • Multithreaded processing log files (up to 50% faster file processing)
  • And many more...

Proxy Log Explorer - Editions Comparison

Feature Standard Professional Enterprise
Automatically detect log file formats Yes Yes Yes
Automatically extract archived log files Yes Yes Yes
Integrated FTP Client to downloading log files Yes Yes Yes
Integrated HTTP Client to downloading log files Yes Yes Yes
Sending reports via e-mail Yes Yes Yes
Export report in HTML format Yes Yes Yes
Export report in CSV format Yes Yes Yes
Export report in TXT format Yes Yes Yes
Customizable date and time format Yes Yes Yes
Countries reports Yes Yes Yes
Loading log data via ODBC   Yes Yes
Work with command line parameter   Yes Yes
Log file storage (log files)   Yes Yes
Cities and Regions reports   Yes Yes
Multithreaded processing log files (up to 50% faster file processing).     Yes

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