Work with command line parameter

For automatic launch of the project and quit after processing of the file, you can use command line parameters of Web Log Suite as follows:

Command line syntax:

wlsuite.exe -options [<Workspace file>]

where options include:
-process - Generate reports.
-f<file> - Path for local log file(s) to analyze. You can enter exact file names or wildcards. You can choose more than one log file set.
-o<OutputPath> - report output folder. You can use macros in the output path.
-e<EmailAddress> - report destination e-mail address. Multiple e-mail addresses can be separated with semicolons.
-thismonth - Generate this month's report.
-lastmonth - Generate last month's report.
-2month - Generate Last and this month's report.
-thisweek - Generate this week's report.
-lastweek - Generate last week's report.
-today - Generate today's report.
-yesterday - Generate yesterday's report.
-7days - Generate last seven days' report.
-r<YYYY.MM.DD> - From (Filter on date)
-t<YYYY.MM.DD> - To (Filter on date)
-update - Update Auxiliary DataBases.
-storage - To download log files in Log File Storage.


"c:\Program Files\Web Log Suite\wlsuite.exe" -process -thismonth "d:\logs\"
"c:\Program Files\Web Log Suite\wlsuite.exe" -process -r2009.02.01 -t2008.02.28 "d:\logs\"