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Web Log DB

Export log data to datebase

Web Log DB exports raw log file to databases via ODBC.

Web Log DB uses ODBC to export data from raw log files to your database, using SQL queries. Web Log DB allows you to use the applications you have become accustomed to such as MS SQL, MS Excel, MS Access etc. Also, any other ODBC compliant application can now be used to analyze the output you desire.

Use Web Log DB to perform further analysis in special softs.

Web Log DB, Web Log Explorer and Web Log Suite Comparison

Web Log DB supports more than 43 log file formats. It was tested with all popular web servers, proxy servers, firewalls and media broadcasters. Needless to say, it can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files and download log files from various sources: Web, FTP. ODBC compliant databases, etc.

Supported log file formats

  • Apache Common log file format
  • Apache Extended log file format
  • Microsoft IIS log file format
  • Microsoft IIS W3C Extended log file format
  • Microsoft IIS NCSA Common log file format
  • Nginx combined log file format
  • Squid log file format
  • Standard Common log file format
  • Standard Combined log file format
  • NCSA Common log file format
  • NCSA Combined log file format
  • CERN Common log file format
  • CERN Combined log file format
  • CCProxy log file format
  • CCProxy v2010 log file format
  • And more. Web Log DB supports more than 43 log formats.

Web Log DB can even read most popular compressed log files: BZIP2, GZIP, ZIP, 7z, rar ans other so you won't need to unpack them manually.

What is ODBC?

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a widely accepted application programming interface (API) for database access. ODBC provides a standardized set of rules for getting information to and from a database. An ODBC driver is a software interface that accepts ODBC standard queries and then passes them through to the specific application, modifying where necessary to account for application specific database structure and format. The functions of a driver are invisible to users and third party applications. From a third party perspective, a standardized ODBC query or update is presented to the database, and a standardized ODBC response is returned.

You're welcome to submit any questions, suggestions and comments about Web Log DB! Please let us know what you would like to see in the future versions here please.

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