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Web Log Explorer - Web Log Analyzer

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Web Log Explorer is the fastest and most powerful an interactive, desktop-based log analyzer for Windows.

All log analyzers do almost the same. They take your log file, parse it and build reports by grouping or filtering the extracted data. Then you explore resulting tables or charts trying to figure out what is going on your web site, proxy server, firewall etc.

Good log analyzers create "multilevel" and cross-linked reports. For example, when you see a page views report, you can click a certain page name and see visitors who accessed this page on any day, or a list of referrers that led visitors to this page. Normally, all these reports are pre-built and statically linked.

But only the best log analyzers give you the full freedom of exploring the data. Web Log Explorer is definitely one of the best. This program creates dynamic reports on-the-fly. It allows you to dig as deep into your data as you need to. Simply right-click a row in any report, whether it's a page, a host, a user, a search engine or anything else and choose from a list of sub-reports available for this item. For example, in a page views report you can select a certain page and get a list of its visitors, their paths across the site, countries and cities these visitors are from, referring sites, keywords that the visitors used in search engines to find this page and much more...

Web Log Explorer also allows you to filter visits by search engine robots. You can switch the program into "All requests", "Without spiders" and "Spiders only" modes with the click of a button.

The Web Log Explorer supports more than 43 log file formats. It was tested with all popular web servers, media services, proxy servers, firewalls etc. Needless to say, it can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files and download logs from various sources: Local or Network path, Web, FTP or databases via ODBC.

Web Log Explorer can even read most popular compressed log files: BZIP2, GZIP, ZIP, 7z, rar ans other so you won't need to unpack them manually.

Web Log Explorer Online demo

The log analyzer features intuitive interface. Wizards will help you quickly and easily create a profile for your site and analyze it. Traffic statistics displays detailed web site statistics with interactive graphs and reports.

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What's New

26 July 2021 Web Log Explorer 9.6.1
  • New command line parameter: silent - Runs the program in silent mode.
12 March 2021 Web Log Explorer 9.6
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Several bugs fixed.
28 May 2020 Web Log Explorer 9.5
  • New date ranges filter: This year's report.
  • New date ranges filter: Last year's report.
  • New date ranges filter: Last and this year's repor.
10 August 2019 Web Log Explorer 9.4
  • New report: Domains (2 levels).
  • New sub-report: Domains (2 levels).
10 January 2019 Web Log Explorer 9.3
  • New report: Request method.
  • New field: 'Request method' in Raw Log Items report.
  • New sub-report: by Request method
  • Several bugs fixed.
19 July 2018 Web Log Explorer 9.2.1
  • Minor GUI improvements.
29 January 2018 Web Log Explorer 9.2
  • Test button on the properties window of log files.
  • New toolbar icon: Print.
17 October 2017 Web Log Explorer 9.1
  • New feature: Export All Subreports to HTML file.
22 May 2017 Web Log Explorer 9.0
  • Changing Report Default Display Font (global properties).
  • Show Parsing Error bug fixes.
  • New Log File option: Load Log Files to Storage at Startup.
  • PNG chart bugs fixed.
  • Several bugs fixed.
20 March 2017 Web Log Explorer 8.9
  • Addition fields bugs fixed.
  • Some DNS lookup bugs fixed.
02 March 2017 Web Log Explorer 8.8
  • Reduced memory usage in queries.
  • Improvements Compare to Past reports.
  • Improvements Pie and Chart.
  • Improvements Summary data.
  • Improvements Displaying a Tooltip.
  • Custom Reports bugs fixed.
  • Minor improvements reports: Paths, Keywords.
  • Several bugs fixed.
  • Minor improvements.
24 November 2016 Web Log Explorer 8.7
  • Improvements export repor to e-mail format.
27 October 2016 Web Log Explorer 8.6
  • Improvements the allocation and deallocation of memory in queries.
  • Several bugs fixed.
12 Jule 2016 Web Log Explorer 8.5
  • Improvements processing log files.
  • Improvements multithreaded processing log files.
23 June 2016 Web Log Explorer 8.4
  • Improvements multithreaded processing log files (Enterprise edition).
  • Minor improvements.
05 April 2016 Web Log Explorer 8.3
  • Support for UTF-8 HTML has been introduced. Now the HTML reports are created in UTF-8.
  • Parsing logs about 15% faster.
  • Improvements Detect of search engines.
  • Fixed some crash parsing problems.
14 March 2016 Web Log Explorer 8.2
  • Sort of sub-reports in popularity in the context menu.
  • Minor improvements context menu.
  • Several bugs fixed.
06 February 2016 Web Log Explorer 8.1
  • Improved performance and memory usage.
  • Improvements Whois window.
  • Minor improvements grep search.
  • Several bugs fixed.
07 December 2015 Web Log Explorer 8.0
  • Supports MikroTik Web Proxy log file format.
  • Supports SuperLumin Networks Nemesis log file format.
  • Add to your favorite list as graphs/charts.
  • Referring Categories report bug fixed.
  • Minor improvements context menu.
  • Minor fixes for opening and creating workspace.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Several bugs fixed.
15 September 2015 Web Log Explorer 7.9
  • Improve large log files support.
  • Improvements caching and processing log files.
  • Pie and chart bugs fixed.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Several bugs fixed.
24 August 2015 Web Log Explorer 7.8
  • Improved performance and memory usage.
  • Minor improvements.
09 July 2015 Web Log Explorer 7.7
  • New filter: User Agent
  • Search for lines matching the regular expression, and print them, like unix command grep
  • Minor improvement the detect of OS and browsers
  • Several bugs fixed
11 May 2015 Web Log Explorer 7.6
  • Improvements caching and processing log files
  • Some processing log files bugs fixed
5 February 2015 Web Log Explorer 7.5
  • Support Custom log file format
  • New workspace bookmark: Log files
  • New workspace bookmark: Custom Log Format
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Several bugs fixed
20 September 2014 Web Log Explorer 7.4
  • New feature: Copy URL
  • Minor improvements
  • Several bugs fixed
21 July 2014 Web Log Explorer 7.3
  • Operating Systems Report renamed as the Operating Systems versions
  • Browsers Report renamed as the Browsers versions
  • New Report: Operating Systems (Excluding versions)
  • New Report: Browsers (Excluding versions)
  • Open current report in Browser
  • Auxiliary Databases minor improvements
24 May 2014 Web Log Explorer 7.2
  • Authentication dialog box after Authentication failed
  • New FTP option: Ask password every time
  • Minor improvements
16 April 2014 Web Log Explorer 7.1
  • Support for tag.gz, tar.gz2, tar.bz2 etc. compressed logs
  • Auto filling ODBC fields (ODBC bookmark)
  • ODBC bookmark minor improvements
  • Minor improvements
26 February 2014 Web Log Explorer 7.0
  • Support for 7z, rar, arj, xz, txz, z, taz, lzh, lha, lzma, bzip2, tbz, tbz, tgz, tpz, tar, jar, xpi, odt, ods, xlsx, xar, lzma86 compressed logs
28 January 2014 Web Log Explorer 6.5
  • New library collecting technical information about the crash and sending error reports over the Internet
  • Global progress bar displayed on the taskbar
  • Minor improvements
21 September 2013 Web Log Explorer 6.4
  • New ODBC integrated client.
  • New command line parameter: -a - Export all reports to one HTML file
  • New command line parameter: -h - Export all reports to HTML files
  • New command line parameter: -c - Export all reports to CSV files
  • New command line parameter: -t - Export all reports to TXT files
  • New command line parameter: -favorites - Export only reports that are in the Favorites list
  • ODBC settings improvements
  • Minor improvements
  • Several bugs fixed
12 June 2013 Web Log Explorer 6.3
  • Print Preview mode
  • Supports Wowza Media Server log file format
  • Minor improvements
14 February 2013 Web Log Explorer 6.2
  • Export report to MHT format (web page archive format, single file)
  • Global Progress Bar
  • Minor improvements
26 November 2012 Web Log Explorer 6.1
  • Improved performance
  • Print sub-report
  • Select Multiple Records (sub-report)
  • Minor improvements
26 April 2012 Web Log Explorer 6.0
  • Supports Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 log file format
  • Supports SuperLumin Networks Nemesis log file format
  • Select Multiple Records
  • New parsing error (NO Data) window
  • Processing log improvements
  • FTP/HTTP settings improvements
  • Minor improvements
  • Several bugs fixed
09 February 2012 Web Log Explorer 5.7
  • Filters for Custom reports
  • Minor improvements reports and charts
  • Several bugs fixed
09 December 2011 Web Log Explorer 5.6
  • New graph and chart
  • Minor improvements
  • Several bugs fixed
11 November 2011 Web Log Explorer 5.5
  • Export All Favorites to HTML File
  • New field 'URL parameter' in Raw Log Items report
  • New program installation
  • Minor improvements
27 September 2011 Web Log Explorer 5.4
  • Multithreaded processing log files (Enterprise edition)
  • New workspace bookmark: Multi-thread
  • Several bugs fixed
24 August 2011 Web Log Explorer 5.3
  • Custom reports (Professional/Enterprise)
  • Support languages improvements
  • Supports Microsoft FAST Search Platform log file format
  • Minor improvements
30 June 2011 Web Log Explorer 5.2
  • New report: By Continent
  • New sub-report: By Continent
  • DNS lookup minor improvements
  • Goals report bug fixed
  • Minor improvements
23 May 2011 Web Log Explorer 5.1
  • New report: Referral Categories
  • New sub-report: Referral Categories
  • New workspace bookmark: Referral Categories
  • New command: Open in Browser (SubReports)
12 April 2011 Web Log Explorer 5.0
  • New Group of reports: Trends Stats
  • New Report: Unique IP Trend
  • New Report: Requests Trend
  • New Report: Bandwidth Trend
  • New Subreports: Unique IP Trend, Requests Trend, Bandwidth Trend

You're welcome to submit any questions, suggestions and comments about Web Log Explorer! Please let us know what you would like to see in the future versions here please.

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